Welcome to inked.

Hello, visitor! You've either ended up here because you were directed here by Reili (sometimes know as Megan Yamanaka), or you just. Stumbled upon inked randomly. Either way, you're here, so it's probably only corteous that I tell you what this site actually is! inked is the personal portfoliomajig of Megan "Reili" Yamanaka, who sometimes lives in Oakland and sometimes lives in Harbor City—which is nowhere near a harbor and not even a city. This is where she dumps all her writing and art and music (she makes music? not really.) and makes (semi-)important updates about artsy things like having her artwork put up someplace or whatever. It's also the home of Project: Writing Majorly, which you can find more information on here. It contains two sub-sections: Fuck the Dictionary, where she keeps all her writing, and snapflash, where she keeps all her photography. Everything else that she does art-wise can be found in the main gallery, though.


31/10/2010: snapflash is set up and functional, although the galleries are a little sparse at the moment.

01/10/2010: Fuck the Dictionary has been totally set up, and is functional (although a lot of writing is missing). Hopefully everything else will be up soon!
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